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Indian Variety Bundle (5 items) £35

We have put together a selection of few of our customers favourite products that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and experiment with at home!

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Meet the SamosaCo family

Sokhy (left) -  I love experimenting with lots of different flavours and ways of cooking. My favourite has to be the Bhaji Scotch Egg...cut in half with a drop of soya sauce!

Goldie (Right) - I'm the traditional chef! Inspired by my mothers cooking from a young age, I have always wanted to share our homemade food. Sweet and Spicy samosas together with Onion Bhajees topped with Tarka Daal is my favourite!

Tee (Centre) - Chief taster! I love whatever mum and dad are experimenting with in the kitchen. My go to comfort food...a mix of samosas and bhajis topped with Punjabi Chickpea Curry - The Samosa Chaat! - street food at its finest

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