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Our Story

Forty years ago from the quaint, cosiness of our Toronto asian grocery store, we started making samosas for our customers. Delighted by the homemade and delicious flavours, before we knew it customers were ordering them in their hundreds for parties!
Returning to the UK in the 80's and fast forward to the present day and we’ve gone from making fresh samosas for our friends, family and customers in our Cardiff store to having a purpose-built samosa factory where the attention to detail and quality of ingredients are sustained by our commitment to ensuring our products have the authenticity and homemade flavours they did from our humble Toronto beginnings.

At SamosaCo we produce a range of vegetarian and vegan snacks, meals, sides and accompaniments. Our range includes samosas, bhajis, empanadas, curries and meals, pickles, chutneys and our own unique Onion Bhaji Scotch Egg! 
All our products are 100% natural with our "no added anything" philosophy - staying away from any artificial preservatives, colourings, flavours, MSG and GM products and no palm oil. We cater for free-from diets including gluten free, dairy free and low-fodmap, whilst keeping up with changing food trends.
Our secret family recipe plays on the taste buds and our commitment to ensuring our customers are amazed time and time again. We continue to invest in the latest processing equipment and techniques, never compromising on quality of ingredients, attention to detail or service
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